No Spoiler Review: Neon Gods by Katee Robert

July 26, 2021

By Kiley Freshwater

non spoiler review neon gods

Non Spoiler Review of Neon Gods

Rating 3.5/5

First off, I’m usually a fantasy fiction reader.

If that’s ALL that you like to read…This book is not for you. (People, please stop rating this book as fantasy in Goodreads…It’s contemporary romance)

I was waiting for when the god like action was going to happen but these “gods” are more like kings/queens and elected officials. Olympus is more of a large city/country than the Olympus you and I probably think of.

That being said…I still really enjoyed this book and will most definitely continue to read the series. At first, I was like…Is this Fifty Shades of Grey with gods?? Because I DNF Fifty Shades…So, not a fan. Well, it was most definitely not like that book at all thank goodness. There was a lot of “spice”…So for sure an 18+ book but! It was so tastefully done and definitely furthered the storyline and relationships. I have a pet peeve when spice is added but does absolutely nothing for the story.

Anyways, if you’re into romance and spice + a little bit of action…I’d say go ahead and give it a try. If you’re a die hard fantasy reader…I’d skip this one.


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no spoiler review neon gods

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