King of Battle and Blood Review

March 23, 2023

By Kiley Freshwater

King of Battle and Blood Review
King of Battle and Blood No Spoiler Review
  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Arranged Marriage
  • Spicy
  • Strong Willed Female MC
  • Vampires
  • Witches
  • Destiny/Fate (ish)

King of Battle and Blood Review:

King of Battle and Blood is a short book and super easy to read. I would place this more under an easy guilty pleasure read than a phenomenally fleshed out series. With that being said, I have now read this book twice. I read it initially when it first came out (and read it in a couple days)…Then started the second book which made me realize I didn’t remember what was going on at all so I did a reread. I read it again in a couple days lol Love the characters and the main couple and now that I know what’s going on…

I am excited to read book 2.

So, if you go into King of Battle and Blood with the right expectations, I think you’ll enjoy this book.

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