Coffee In Frisco , Texas

September 7, 2019

By Kiley Freshwater

When I left my hometown with the cute little coffee shop walking distance from my house…I was sadly dissappointed. Where are all the cute local places to hang out, play cards, talk deep about which Harry Potter was best and just make friends? I had moved from Wheeling, WV to Morgantown, WV to Pittsburgh, PA to Atlanta, GA and now have landed in Frisco, TX for the last 5 years…When I moved here there were NONE but over the last few years there are some amazing businesses that have seen the need and fulfilled it. So here’s my “go to” list of my favorite coffee hang out spots in Frisco…(In no particular order)

So here’s my “go to” list of my favorite coffee hang out spots in Frisco…

The Nest Cafe

Want some “Instagram worthy” coffee and food photos… pop over to the nest cafe. Not only is the aesthetic beautiful but the coffee + food are delicious. I recommend the “Winnie the Pooh” latte along with the Granola Bowl. The Winnie the Pooh latte is a honey and cinnamon latte with Winnie the Pooh Latte art! It does get busy here on the weekends and I wouldn’t call it super small but the seating is limited. Note, they are also only open until 2pm…My favorite time to go is during the week..Mid morning to sketch, catch up on some reading or meet a friend.

Summer moon

This one is right in the middle of old historic downtown Frisco…so think exposed brick and edison bulb everything. Summer Moon is a local Texas chain that started in Austin. So it still has it’s local charm without feeling overly “chainy.” Summer Moon is definitely the busiest on the list…so it is hard to find a seat during “peak” times. They have just added an outdoor seating area out back with corn hole…This is my favorite way to enjoy my “Moon Milk” latte.  So when the weather is nice (not 100) it’s the perfect spot. So you may have noticed I mentioned Moon Milk…That’s kinda Summer Moon’s thing. They have this super special moon milk that makes their lattes heavenly…I do have to warn you though…It’s SUPER sweet. I personally only get the Whisper Moon which isn’t (or wasn’t) actually on the menu (An awesome Barista recommended it to me after we chatted about sweetness).. So if you’re into super sweet try out the fully loaded Summer Moon and then it goes down from there 3/4,1/2,1/4 and then whisper. They always have some really fun seasonal lattes to try as well. If you’re only into coffee…They have a signature wood fired blend.


So you may have heard me mention that I like to play cards…Nerdvana is where I like to drag my step kids and the hubs to play a good game of Skipbo. Nerdvana by far has the most seating! It’s usually busy but there’s plenty of seating to go around. They have an outdoor seating area as well as a lot of different style seating inside. I usually sit inside because my cards blow around outside ( Who knew Texas was going to be so windy! )… Aside from Skipbo they have a lot of cards and board games for you to choose from on hand for you to borrow. Now onto their drinks…My step daughter swears my their matcha latte with a shot of vanilla…I prefer their standard latte with possibly some ripple art ( google it ) and my husband usually goes with the oak cliff Rosemont blend coffee. They usually have some great pastry’s to go with it too..I have personally had the largest piece of coffee cake ever and an extra large macaron. So anyways…this place is great to just hang out or come work here…There is seating galore and lots of plugs.

Detour Doughnuts

Guys….This place has the most beautiful doughnuts I ever did see! Want an Instagram worthy doughnut and coffee pic? I’ve found the place for you…This place has the most interesting lattes and doughnuts…I had the golden lavender latte which was delicious and the beet & ricotta doughnut ( her doughnut rotation is constantly changing which is amazing ). I even got to meet the owner Jinny herself who is just as funny and bubbly in person as she is on Instagram…We’ve been online Insta friends for a bit so it was awesome to meet her in person! There is a small area for seating so if you want to sit and hangout…Go during the week. Just note, she is closed on Monday and open till 2:30 during the week…There are later hours on the weekend. Jinny also does custom doughnut and macaron orders too! You may have seen her pizza and Harry Potter doughnuts floating around Instagram.

UP Inspired Kitchen

Out of all the places on the list…If you have little kiddos and want to be able to go on a coffee date…UP is for you! They have a cute little gated play area outside for the little ones. This a full blown cafe with a full menu and coffee bar. My go to is the acai bowl or their steel cut oats with whatever their seasonal latte is… The menu is packed with superfoods and nutrients. Their french toast is even made with carrots and is delicious. I would say they’re “in the middle” for the amount of seating. If you go on a weekend it can be super busy but I’ve never gone and not got a seat. This is also a place where you can get some beautiful Instagram pictures…the ambiance, food and coffee are beautiful.

Karmic Grounds

Karmic is the newest to the Frisco coffee scene…I will say, I have only been here once so far but I LOVED it! The barista was super friendly and the ambiance is amazing! Super clean black and white decor really set this place apart. I actually only had milk tea (which was awesome and served in a cute little tea pot with an adorable glass tea cup) when I went but they had a long list of speciality lattes that I plan to try next. They have comfy couches that I sat in and played around with sketching in procreate while sipping on tea. There is a lot of seating here but I’m curious to see if it gets packed once the secret is out about this place. They even have an outdoor seating area where you can bring your dogs that is gated!  I will say this place is hard to find if you aren’t looking for it. Just throw it in the GPS and look for the Karmic parking signs…I’ll be heading back to try some more here soon.


So why do I like coffee so much? Well, It’s really the community and relationships that surround coffee. It brings people together and I’m here for it.

Want to continue on my coffee obsession journey check out my Instagram or available coffee based Paintings

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