Q: Why do the colors look different in person?

A: There may be a slight variation in colors. Factors that can affect color are: your computer monitor, your cell phone / tablet screen, and type of paper.

Q: Why does this cake topper look different from the photo?

A: Things such as length of your last name and the specific letter used can change the layout slightly of the cake topper.

Q: How do you mount a printed sign for an easel?

A: If you aren’t going to frame the sign and just want to adhere it to a foam core board, you can. Buy a foam core board (I don’t sell them but you can get them at office supply or craft stores) that is the same size as your sign. Then, using double sided tape, adhere it carefully to the board starting on one side then the other. Viola! Ready to hang out on the easel…Note, if you are in a windy weather area, and the sign will live outside, I definitely recommend framing.