Owner, designer,

Lover of Dogs/All animals,

yoga pants, coffee,

skiing and playing cards



Hi! I’m Kiley Evans (Maiden name Freshwater).

I’m an abstract artist, graphic designer and educator who believes self care and relationships can make life and living so uniquely ours... My style is admiring natural beauty, adventurous and grounding everything in family. My favorite days are when I get to spend time outdoors with my husband, two step kids and three dogs, playing a good game of cards with new or old friends and spending an afternoon dreaming up ideas in a local coffee shop.


Kiley Freshwater

Frisco, Texas


Kenzie P.  

Wonderful invitations! Absolutely perfect for the theme of my wedding. Kylie was fantastic at getting the design just right on every single invitation. 130 invitations looking identically fantastic! Im very impressed and am receiving many compliments already!

Vittoria P.

Thank you for doing an amazing job again. The foiled invitations are stunning!!!

I'll definitely be back in the future

Kaitlyn C. 

Quality is GREAT, beautifully cut and prompt well packaged shipment. This item is not flimsy as others are. Good thickness & sturdy. 110% satisfied with order. My order represents an R.



    Kiley Freshwater (originally Fresh Vibe Design)… started after I made all of the designs for my own wedding then decided to post them on Etsy... with absolutely no clue or idea of what it would become and is becoming. I have my undergrad degree in Nutrition from West Virginia University and my Masters in Public Relations from Full Sail University. I had been working in the food industry for some time in marketing and design was my thing. Kiley Freshwater has grown significantly since I threw up my designs from my wedding on Etsy and now I get to call it my full time gig. The company has grown and after three years I have grown with it. Recently, I jotted down a story about my inspiration behind my business and you can read it below for how I continue to feel appreciation for the beauty around us, how our adventures can translate to images and the never ending dynamic of relationships.


Heart Story

My husband Michael started off the first evening in Colorado by researching hikes for him, myself, and my two step kids Haley and Sean to do the next morning. He researched while I made the kids play another game of Skipbo with me.We had all done some hiking together in Georgia so we thought it could be fun. Plus, it was cool in September in the Arapaho mountains so a brisk walk would be welcomed after getting away from the Dallas summer heat. 

    The morning starts off with a stop to our favorite local coffee shop to get a kick of energy and off we went!Packs were filled to the brim with water and all the makings of a great picnic for lunch. We get to the trailhead that had a “beware of bears” sign which we had to send to my mother in law since my husband and the kids like to play on her “worry strings.” After the photo op and a brief discussion on who was getting fed to the bears, we started trekking up the trail.

    Half of a mile into the hike there is what Haley deems as an “Instagrammable” spot so we stop for the photoshoot. It truly was breathtaking even close to the bottom of the mountain. After worrying we might run into snakes in the giant piles of boulders we’re back on the trail. Now, about three miles up, Sean and I are gasping for breath and wondering when we are turning back. One thing we didn’t think about was the thin air; this was much harder than Georgia. We keep going and get another two miles in. We are now at the five-mile mark which is the longest hike we have ever done together. Remember, you have to hike back down the mountain so it will be a total of ten miles. Then, Sean and I finally think to ask Michael how far we are hiking. He replies with, "Oh, not too much farther and there’s supposed to be a beautiful lake at the top.” Ok, awesome, at least we are hiking towards a final destination now. This is also when he mentions wanting to hit 13,000 feet which apparently is the height of the peak. (for those of you non-hikers out there, most people train to do what is called a 13’er) We’re all active people, so with some new found motivation of getting to 13, we are back moving! It became a fun time seeing the altimeter filter on Snapchat climb. Michael also had a fancy watch that was a little more accurate but we were getting there! Then it happens, about two miles later, we are staring up a mountain, literally. The trail turns into what almost looks like rock climbing. We take a break, then up we go! I don’t think my heart rate had ever been that high. This section seemed to go on forever! We FINALLY came to the top about a half mile later. Sean and I were down for the count, never moving again. Once we started taking in the view it was beautiful. The area looked as though we were in a valley amongst all these beautiful peaks with a lake in front of us and a wildflower field behind. This became our final destination, at 11,663.55 ft we were happy to soak in the views, breathe in the fresh air, picnic, take pictures and enjoy each other. We didn’t make it to the top that my husband had done the research for though the top we had made our own was beautiful for us. We head back down the mountain enjoying some of the things we didn’t notice along the way up like animal tracks, wildflower fields, beautiful green aspens starting to show a peek of changing colors, the little streams and waterfall.What a fun way to grow, persevere and enjoy one another in the silence of the mountains with only the wind in our ears. 

    We don't always end up taking the paths we originally set out for and making it your own along the way explains our family perfectly. The evening ended with Sean and Michael making fun of my rock climbing skills, playing cards, talking about bears, enjoying some good coffee with Haley and all of us cuddling up by the fire.